The 'Subtopics' dashboard groups student's data for each quiz into subject-specific areas, in order to provide teachers with instant insight into student learning gaps (see below).

How to create subtopics
Subtopics are created by teachers when they initially construct a quiz in Quizalize when questions are tagged to specific topic areas.

Begin by going to your Quizalize profile page and creating a new quiz using '+ New Quiz'.

Next enter your quiz title, at the top of the screen, followed by the curriculum topic or learning goal. Defining the topic area tells Quizalize the exact subject area your quiz will focus on and determines the subtopic suggestions you receive when creating your quiz questions.

Create your first question by clicking '+ New Question' and entering the relevant information. 

The final element of the quiz form is labelled 'Subtopic' and here you can choose a subtopic for that question. If you accurately selected the correct title for your quiz initially (see above) then relevant suggestions, created by other Quizalize users, will appear when you begin typing (see below).

Alternatively you can create your own subtopic title (see below) which will be saved in your data base and will appear when you create additional questions or quizzes. 

Using the 'Subtopics' dashboard
The 'Subtopics' dashboard will be populated once you have played the quiz with your students. To access this dashboard:

  • Enter your Zzish Profile;
  • Choose a 'Class';
  • Click on the 'Results' from the relevant quiz;
  • Open the 'Subtopics' dashboard.

To identify exactly which students achieved each subtopic hover over the results bars (see below).

This dashboard offers instant insight into how your students are progressing in each subject area so you can differentiate your teaching more easily.

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