The ‘Spreadsheet’ dashboard presents quiz data from the whole class and indicates which questions have been answered correctly, incorrectly or have not been attempted.

Colour code:

  • Purple tick - shows the question was answered correctly.
  • Red cross - shows the question was answered incorrectly.

Students are ordered according to their success, with the weakest students at the top.

  • Students highlighted in red need extra help (achieved 0 - 50%)
  • Students highlighted in orange almost grasp the topic (achieved 50 - 80%)
  • Students highlighted in white have successfully understood the subject (achieved 80 - 100%)
  • Students highlighted in grey are in the process of completing the quiz.
  • Students highlighted in purple have not started the quiz.

The order can, however, be altered using a menu at the top to: 

  • Weakest first
  • Strongest first
  • Alphabetically

You also have the option of displaying how many times each student attempted the quiz with '/10’ or their overall percentage with ‘%’.

This spreadsheet provides instant data insight into students’ achievements and saves you hours of time marking and recording results, because the technology does the hard work for you. Adapt the spreadsheet to meet you unique teaching requirements and efficiently track students’ progress in real-time.

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