If you want to delete classes you've created on Zzish but no longer need, then there are two easy ways to achieve this. Please note that this change is irreversible and you will never be able to get that data back!

If you want to not see a class, as you do not need it but you want to keep the data, you should archive the class. 

Learn how to Delete and Archive classes below!

Deleting Classes

  • Once you log in, on the top right corner select your username
  • This should reveal a drop down menu, select "Edit your classes"
  • On the Edit your classes page, on the top right corner click on "Edit"

  • Select "Delete"
  • Once you select the delete option a page should pop up where you will have to enter the class name to confirm your class deletion

Just re-enter your class name and, once you have done this you class will be deleted!

Please not this is irreversible so be sure

Archiving your classes

If you no longer use a class but wish to keep the data then you can archive it. Simply follow the steps outlined above, however click on "Archive".

This class will now appear with a grey header to show it has been archived.

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