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How do I add students to a class?
How do I add students to a class?

The great news is you don't have to! Students add themselves to a class when they first play a quiz.

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Students can add themselves to your classes, so you don't need to spend any time entering them manually yourself! 

Just create a class, give it a name and then share the class code with your students. 
Find out where your class code is.

Students go to the Zzish student portal at or click the Student Login option on the Quizalize homepage, enter the class code, and register.

See how easy it is for your students to join your class:

However, if you want to add them yourself, click the Members option of a class:

Or, select the Magic class link option:

By clicking the magic link button, it will automatically copy the URL link of your class:

With the magic link, students will no longer need to enter the class code and will only have to either register or pick their name on the class list:

Magic Class link:

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