Note 1: If you are using Quizalize and Zzish with simple Zzish logins, read here instead: How do students access a quiz?

Note 2: When you create your account, you will need to
Sign up with Google in order to sync your classes with Google Classroom.

Creating and Syncing your Class

If you want to assign a resource to a student's Google Classroom stream, you must have signed up with Google (as seen above), and each class must be synced to the corresponding Google Classroom.

This cannot be done retroactively. If you created a class that is NOT synced to Google Classroom, you cannot sync that class past this point and must create a new class.

Now you have additional Google Classroom activity settings toggled on each time you assign an activity. These are toggled on by default but can be turned off if you so choose.

Student Portal and Assignments

When you assign an activity to a class synced to Google Classroom, that assignment will appear in the student Stream. When they click on the assignment, they will need to give Zzish permission to access their Google account to continue to the assignment and populate your class.

Students will automatically be added to your Quizalize class when they click through on the first activity you assign. You do not need to add students.

Sending Grades Back to Google Classroom

When students complete their quiz, the quiz results will be sent right back to Google Classroom as an activity. If students retake the quiz, the grade will always be replaced with the most recently completed attempt.

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