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Note 1: If you are using Quizalize and Zzish with simple Zzish logins, read here instead: How do students access a quiz?

Note 2: When you create your account, you will need to
Sign up with Google
in order to sync your classes with Google Classroom.

Creating and Syncing your Class

If you want to assign a resource to a student's Google Classroom stream, you must have signed up with Google (as seen above), and each class must be synced to the corresponding Google Classroom.

Students Joining

It's really easy for your students to log into Quizalize and Zzish with a Google account and play the quizzes you have assigned them.  Simply tell your students to:

1. Go to http://zzi.sh

2. Enter the class code  

The Zzish class code consists of seven digits, e.g. abc1234. It is shown when you create a class and also on the team game view when you launch a game in class. 

3. Log in with your Google Classroom student account

Student Portal and Assignments

Students will only have to sync their account once for you to begin assigning directly to their Google Classroom stream. After logging into your Google Classroom, students can find all assignments they are due to play and view results from quizzes they have already taken. 

Here is a video tutorial:

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