Do you want Quizalize to support your state standards? If so then follow these simple steps and it can easily be uploaded into the Mastery dashboard.

For your hard work and effort you and your colleagues will receive great rewards! Read on to find out more.

1. Download this spreadsheet 

Excel spreadsheet structure:

Column A: Name of state standard

Column B: Subject name

Column C: Grade

Column D: Topic name (this may be a grouped topic name and repeat for multiple standards down the column)

Column E: Subject name or code (in many state standards this is a unique code containing letters and numbers which teachers include in their lesson plans)

Column F: Description (learning standard which students must achieve and matches the code stated in column E)

Note: Common Core has been used as an example (delete before entering your own).

2. Copy your state standards

Next copy and paste the relevant subject, topic names, codes and descriptions into the spreadsheet (start a new sheet for each grade).

To speed up the process you could work alongside other teachers in your school.

using a split screen makes it quicker and easier to copy the information from the official document to the spreadsheet.

3. Email us the spreadsheet

When you've finished simply email us the spreadsheet to with your school, the names of other teachers who helped you (if necessary) and any other relevant information.

This simple format makes it easy for us to upload your state standards, so you can start tagging quizzes to each skill and tracking students' progress towards mastery.

For your hard work and dedication you and your colleagues will receieve a month's free subscription to Premium. Plus, if you can encourage at least 5 other teachers in your school to sign up then you will receive even more great benefits.

Feel free to contact us via the chat box in the right-hand corner or send us an email if you have any questions or comments. We are happy to help.

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