In order to access your Admin Dashboards AND Zzish Insights (if available), you must bookmark

Your admin dashboard gives you the power to organize your schools and departments and invite teachers into your company subscription. When teachers accept your invitation, they gain a premium Quizalize subscription which means they can create as many classes as they want and their account will accumulate unlimited data on student performance. 

Once your account is set up and organized, the dashboard provides usage statistics so you can support your teachers in implementing Quizalize in their classrooms.

Examples of Usage Statistics:

  • Sum of quizzes created in each group
  • Sum of activities played in each group
  • Sum of attempts completed by students in each group
  • Number of activities played by each teacher in last 30 days

Admin Dashboard vs. Zzish Insights

While both can be found at, they each serve slightly different functions. The admin dashboard is your organizational tool and for monitoring pure teacher usage statistics. This tutorial walks you through these functions.

Zzish Insights is your progress and performance dashboard for districts and schools. When teachers give standards tagged quizzes in their classrooms the results are aggregated across every classroom into a high level dashboard for administrators and coaches. This provides data for making targeted decisions on professional development, resource procurement, and teacher support. Teachers that join through your admin dashboard automatically begin populating data in Zzish Insights. Watch this video to learn more:

Accessing your Dashboard

Before you begin your subscription, a member of the Zzish team will invite you to get access to your organization's dashboard.

First make sure you have registered at Check your email for an invitation from and click "Join". Please alert us if your email ends up in SPAM. We may have to work with your district to ensure emails from Zzish are being received by teachers.

Once you click join, you will be directed back to Zzish to complete the process:

After you've joined we will make sure you have administrative access. You will be able to find your dashboard at

Setting up your Dashboard

You may wish to first set up your schools and departments and invite other admin you wish to also have insight into teacher activity.

If you wish to invite more administrators to have access over the entire organization you would do so at the top level.

Once the member is added, you can make them an admin through the menu under the three dots.

Now that your top level admin are set, the next step is for you (or the other admin) to add entities such as schools and departments.

Each school and department can also have their own admin. Only higher level admin can see data of lower levels. Admin cannot see above their level and they cannot see data at groups adjacent to their level. Refer to the following to understand each level of admin will be able to see.

Inviting Teachers

IMPORTANT: You will ONLY see data from a teacher's Quizalize classes if they accept the invitation to join. If they register without accepting, they will not get a premium subscription and their data will not populate your Admin Dashboard or Zzish Insights.

You can invite individual teachers into an entity one at a time... 

or you can bulk import with a .csv.

Your import must be formatted like the following. Make sure the first row says "Name" and "Email" in these respective columns. This row will not be imported.

Save the sheet as a .csv for import. Whether you invite teachers individually or in bulk, once the teacher is added, an invitation will automatically be sent to their email inbox from 

Initially your dashboard will look like this...

...until teachers register under the email address with the invitation and they join your organization.

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