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No, your students do not HAVE to create a Quizalize account to access the quizzes you've assigned them, but they CAN. Creating a student account is optional and based on how you set up your class. 

Note: for Google Classroom you should skip this and go here instead.

Each class you create gives you options on how students access the class. In the above case, all they have to do is key in their class code on http://zzi.sh, or by clicking 'I'm a student' on https://www.quizalize.com/.

Students can type their name or, if already done so, may pick their name from the list. This is a great option for students that do not have their own email addresses.

Alternatively you may set up your class so that students create an account using an email and creating a password.

To access future activities students will then use this username and password combination from the student sign-in screen.

Students can access their activities on their browser using any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

For some more advanced advice on registering and students accessing your classes, feel free to view the following Pro Tips tutorials. 

Teacher Sign Up

Student Sign In

Registering and Syncing with Google Classroom

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