Editing a quiz

Editing your quizzes or the pre-made ones you've found in the resources.

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Editing a quiz from the Resources page

To edit a pre-made quiz, please go to the Resources page.
Click on the three buttons of the activity to view more options and select Edit a copy:

Or, click the quiz to overview its content and select the Edit the questions button:

These actions will duplicate the original version of the quiz and direct you to the Quiz Editor, where you can edit its content as you please.

Click the following tools to perform a particular task such as:

  • Pencil icon - to edit existing questions or answers.

  • Arrows (Up & Down) icons - to sort the order of the question of your quiz.

  • Duplicate icon - to create the exact copy of the question.

  • Bin icon - to permanently delete the question.

You can also add a new question, which can be round at the bottom.

Once finished, you can save the modified quiz to your library or assign it to your class immediately.

Editing one of your own quizzes

Go to your My Library, where you will find a list of all the quizzes you've created and used. Click on the three buttons of the activity to view more options and select Edit:

Or, click the quiz and select the option Edit the questions:

This will bring up the Quiz Editor

Click the chat button below if you have more questions. We'd be happy to help!

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