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After you've completed a quiz on Quizalize with your students, our activity dashboards will help you identify their level of understanding and competence on a topic.

Go to your Activity List and select the class where you want to check your student's data. Click the Analyze results button of an activity.

Click the Show me buttons of each dashboard to view insight and results.

The Who needs help dashboard gives an overview of the students who are excelling, progressing, and struggling in a topic. This dashboard updates real-time as the students progress through the quiz, so you won't need to wait until everyone's finished to see who needs help.

Clicking on an individual student's name will go into more depth about their performance on the quiz, including their incorrect and correct answers, the time it took them, and improvement between different attempts.

What they need help with dashboard breaks down the specific topic areas students are struggling with.

Click on the cog on the top right to filter the data by students' first, last, or best attempt for the quiz.

If you would like to show this page to your class, you can deselect 'how student names at the top of the page. 

The Improvements dashboard shows you the improvements made by your class between different attempts of the same quiz, or between two different quizzes.

The Results Table provides an overview of your student's responses to each question on the quiz. 

The Subtopics dashboard organizes students' performance according to the Subtopics or Skills you tagged to the questions if any. Hover over the colored bars, and your student's name will appear on each.

Here is a tutorial that not only highlights these data features but also clearly explains the difference between a free and premium account!

Let us know if you have more questions by hitting the chat button. We'd be more than happy to help!

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