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Changing the default quiz settings for a more customized experience

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In the process of assigning a quiz to your class, you can customize various activity settings to help make the learning experience one that best suits your students' needs!

Mastery mode - To strengthen learning for students, Mastery mode gets students to keep answering questions until they get all of them correct (i.e. if a question is answered wrongly, it will be added to the end of the quiz and asked again until the student gets it right).

Use music and sounds - Make the quiz a more immersive experience with accompanying music and sounds.

Show timer for each question - You can choose to turn the timer for each question off or on. 

Number of attempts - Select the number of tries your students get to attempt the quiz.

Number of questions - Give a random subset of questions within the quiz. Will be a different set each time you assign the same quiz which allows you to assign the same quiz multiple times with different questions.

Advanced options

Clicking on 'Advanced options' will bring up even more customization settings:

Randomize question order - Inject some unpredictability and prevent student copying by mixing up the order of questions in your quiz.

Allow students to see their results - At the conclusion of the quiz, students will have an opportunity to review the results of their performance and potentially retake the quiz.

Show feedback and answer explanation - Feedback refers to whether or not their answer is right, the time taken to answer the question, and the points they have collected. 

Show correct answer - If the student does not answer the question correctly, they will be shown the right answer before moving on to the next question.

PRO TIP: Turn off "See results", "Show feedback", and "Show correct answer" settings if you want to create a quiz experience in which students do not know if they answered questions right or wrong and do not learn the correct answers through the quiz. This preserves the quiz for future attempts without having students "memorize" answers from previous results.

Add comment to the activity - Include specific reminders, instructions, or notes for your students.

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