Our Read aloud option adds another level of accessibility for students in need of reading support and provides another tool to help students learn a new language.

Here is how to incorporate Read aloud into your Quizalize quizzes!

When you make a new quiz, each question will have an option to toggle on the Read aloud button.

This will open up the ability to choose a language for the question and answers.

The language chosen will provide audio of the language written. For example, choosing "English" will read English text, "Spanish" will read Spanish text, etc.

You can test the audio for the question and answers by clicking on the buttons next to your language choices.

While playing the quiz, students will see the question and answer text, as well as a button to hear the audio for them. They can click on the audio button as many times as they need.

The Read-aloud software will read aloud the entire question followed by the answer choices in the language you have chosen. An orange indicator follows the progress of the speech.

Any questions? Feel free to click on the chat button below and we'd be happy to help!

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