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Fun and engaging extended learning opportunities for students

When students are given a Quizalize formative assessment, teachers can project the gamification of the quiz results. 

Students will also have access to quizzes for as long as teachers wish. They can do quizzes for homework, can retry quizzes an unlimited number of times, and review quiz results in their student dashboard. These functions provide wonderful opportunities for Extended Learning.

Unlimited short-term and long-term data collection for teachers

Teachers participating in the trial will receive free premium subscriptions for the duration of the trial period. This means they can create as many classes as they'd like and aggregate unlimited data on student progress and performance. 

Data from quiz results helps teachers target concepts and skills that may require re-teaching...

...multiple quiz attempts can be tracked to follow student improvement following a differentiated follow up activity...

...curriculum tagged quizzes will populate the Mastery Dashboard for the class (and will aggregate to Zzish Insights...more on that later)...

...and unlimited data collected also provides teachers with a gradebook of all quizzes taken in the class.

Data from classrooms aggregated to Zzish Insights

Curriculum and instructional coaches often have difficulty allocating time and resources where needed most. While the Mastery Dashboard helps teachers track curriculum performance in each of their classrooms, Zzish Insights pulls data across all classes to provide a higher level view of progress and performance across the organization. 

The combination of Mastery Dashboards and Zzish Insights helps align district and classroom goals. Our trial programs provide this opportunity to see how! 

Trial Logistics

Trials can be tailored to any organization based on their goals and the time of year but we do offer suggestions based on our experience running trials all over the world.

Successful trials employ an enthusiastic "champion" at your organization to provide support and leadership, but we have also created a wealth of tutorials and resources to fall back on...for the administrators and the teachers themselves. 

Trial coordinators are given access to Admin Dashboards to manage teacher participation and activity, and have unlimited access to our Schools Engagement team for personalized support. We also offer help in running your own Quizalize Workshop.

Teachers have access to our Trial Landing Page for tutorials and resources to help them learn best practices using Quizalize. 

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