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How to get the most out of released testing materials imported into Quizalize

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Finding Curriculum Tagged Content

Over the years, our Quizalize library has accumulated a number of quizzes that were generated using released tests that can be found online. For example, we have a high volume of content to help prepare for STAAR exams aligned to TEKS curriculum in Texas, in addition to many others. 

In some cases, we have even curated special pages where this content can be found and used easily. These quizzes are already tagged to their relevant curriculum. We are in the beginning stages of building and consolidating this library of resources so stay tuned!

Note: We currently have a filtering feature in development that will allow you to find curriculum tagged quizzes in the Marketplace MUCH more easily! This will be complete by the beginning of the 2019/2020 school year.

Effectively Using Curriculum Tagged Content

Anyone that specializes in test prep will tell you that using actual questions from past exams is the most effective way to prepare students. This is why we are working hard to make past tests easily available through Quizalize.

When you view one of the pages above, you will be able to find full exams in addition to smaller quizzes broken into topics and skills.

From this page you can either play the quiz directly or edit your own copy through the options on the right.

If you choose to play the entire quiz in class, make sure you have a long enough class period to complete the quiz. 

Hint 1: Avoid randomizing question order as it will separate questions that are meant to be together (e.g. are related to a passage or a diagram). 

Hint 2: Turn off student feedback and correct answers so you can gather data while preserving the quiz for future retries.

If you are able to give the full exam, here is the type of data you can expect:

Which questions the class struggled on...

Which topics need to be addressed...

Now you have the information you need to do targeted review before students take their exams. You can review using the topics quizzes that can be found in the above content pages, or utilize whatever sources you already have at your disposal. 

What's Next?

As noted above, we are currently in the beginning stages of building more content into the Quizalize platform. By 2019/2020 you can expect the following:

  • More content!

  • Marketplace filter feature to more easily find curriculum tagged content

  • Mastery Dashboards to track class and student progress relative to curriculum skills and topics

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