This brief overview is more about providing a glimpse of what is possible with Zzish Insights and how it helps digital learning specialists and curriculum coaches identify how best to spend their time and resources in supporting classroom teachers and students.

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Key Problems Facing Administrators

  • Data is essential in helping administrators make timely and targeted decisions regarding resource deployment and professional developmentĀ 
  • Paper based benchmark testing is too infrequent and relies heavily on admin time and effort
  • Current leading digital providers of benchmark performance data are expensive, not engaging for students, and don't fit seamlessly into routine lesson-planning
  • Digital Learning Specialists and Curriculum Coaches need real-time data to best understand where they are needed most and what needs to be addressed in regularly scheduled cohort meetings
  • Teachers are losing sight of best practices utilizing formative assessment in their classrooms

High Level Data

Data aggregates to the highest level providing an overview of progress over time, institutional needs, and curriculum subjects/topics/skills that should be addressed.

This data updates daily as teachers assess students using Quizalize in the classroom as a formative assessment activity integrated into their regular lesson planning.

Drill Down Data

Some administrators need high level data for a broad understanding of school and district progress.

Curriculum coaches and digital learning specialists, however, benefit by drilling down into schools, departments, and classrooms. This gives them the ability to address subjects, topics, and skills sooner rather than later. Teachers then can review or reteach in real-time instead of heavily relying on end of year cramming sessions leading up to critical cumulative assessments.

Student, Teacher, Parent, and Administrator Alignment

The combination of Quizalize and Zzish Insights means actionable data is collected to the benefit of students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

Quizalize is an engaging formative assessment platform that includes Differentiation and Extended Learning opportunities for students.

Teachers then gain access to valuable short-term and long-term data. With this information they are better equipped to keep students and parents in the loop regarding student progress, address student and class deficiencies, self-assess their own teaching practices, and evaluate the efficacy of tools and resources.

Any data that populates Zzish Insights will also populate an individual teacher's Mastery Dashboard, putting teachers and administrators on a level playing field.

Zzish Insights, in conjunction with data collected in classrooms, helps teachers and coaches work together in delivering the best possible outcomes for EVERY student.

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