Your school should have already given you the relevant Quiz Upload Template. If not, click here to find out how to download it. 

The template file consists of three spreadsheets:

  1. Quiz: spreadsheet to input your questions and answers
  2. Meta: to edit the quiz's title and other details
  3. Curriculum: curriculum codes for your grade and subject (*can be ignored)


This sheet comprises metadata, which refers to information about your quiz.
There is only one thing you need to fill in, which is the 'Quiz name', i.e. what you would like to title your quiz:

We have a range of graphics that you can use as icons for your quizzes. If you'd like to use these, simply select the corresponding subject in the drop-down menu under 'Quiz icon (optional)'.

We suggest saving your .xlsx file in the following manner - '[Grade] [Subject] - [Quiz name]', e.g. 'Grade 3 Mathematics - Area and Perimeter Quiz 1'.

Quiz template

So, how do we fill out the template?

Grade: Grade level
Subject: Subject name
Year (optional): Year of exam / test, if the quiz you are creating is a past paper. Otherwise, you can leave this column blank.
Curriculum code: This column features a drop-down menu that enables you to select the relevant skill you want to tag to your question.
Skill ID: This column can be ignored; it will be filled in by the curriculum code you choose.
No.: Question number, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4...
Question: Type out your full question here.
A, B, C, D: Individual answer options for multiple choice questions. Leave this blank if your question has a free text answer or uses images as answers. (See below if you want to include images in your answer options.)
Correct: Correct answer options, i.e. A, B, C, or D. If your question is a Free Text question, the individual answer option columns can be left blank, and you would fill in the correct answer with the prefix 'freetext://' (e.g. if the answer is '432', you would input 'freetext://432' in this column).
Image (optional): If your question has an accompanying image, type in 'Q' in this column. Otherwise, leave it blank. (See below for instructions on how to upload images for your questions.)
Duration (optional): The default option on our Quiz Creator is 30 seconds, so you can leave this blank if you would like to stick to the default setting. Other options include 5, 10, 20, 45, 60, 120, and 300 seconds.
Additional Content (optional): Our Quiz Player enables you to include additional text in the form of reading passages if your questions require this:

When students click on 'Show reading text', the text you have entered under 'Additional Content' will be shown.
Needs review: This column can be ignored and left blank.

Including images in questions and answers

If your quiz includes images, you will need to create a folder (on your computer or on whichever cloud storage service you use) with the exact same name as the file of your quiz. Store all images to be used with your quiz in this folder, with the following naming conventions:

  • Image for a question: '[Question number] Q', e.g. An image for question 23 would be named '23 Q.jpg'.
  • Images as answer options: '[Question number] [A / B / C / D]', e.g. The four image answer options for question 23 would be '23 A.jpg', '23 B.jpg', '23 C.jpg' and '23 D.jpg'.
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