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How to find or create curriculum-tagged quizzes
How to find or create curriculum-tagged quizzes

Essential for taking advantage of Mastery Dashboards and Zzish Insights

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If you are a teacher with a premium subscription (purchased individually or through your school/district) then you have unlimited access to data pulled in from every single quiz you've ever given. 

In special cases, this data can be aggregated into a Mastery Dashboard that allows you to track progress and performance relative to curriculum topics and skills...but ONLY if you are giving your students quizzes tagged to your curriculum. 

This article will provide instructions on finding and creating curriculum-tagged quizzes. Be sure to check out this article to learn how to access and navigate Mastery Dashboard populated by data from these quizzes.

Finding existing curriculum-tagged quizzes

In our Resources, you have the ability to filter the current selection by course, topic, and skill. 

You will first need to add a course (refers to curriculum, grade, and subject) before drilling down further into topics and skills within that curriculum. 

PRO TIP: Many curricula are very closely related. For example, almost every curriculum in the United States is derived from Common Core or Next Generation Science Standards. If you cannot find quizzes with specific topics and skills in your own curriculum, try filtering other curricula and edit your own copy of that quiz. You can then re-tag this existing quiz with the topics and skills you use in your classroom. 

Tagging a quiz

The quiz editor allows you to tag all the questions in a quiz whether you are building one from scratch, or editing an existing quiz. This means you can tag any quiz you created before your curriculum was available in our system. 

First align the quiz to a course (curriculum, grade, subject).

This will open up each question to be tagged to a specific skill.

When you choose a skill for a question and then add another, you will be given an opportunity to tag to the same skill as the previous question or choose another skill.

PRO TIP: If you create a quiz that is tagged to multiple standards, try to order your questions by the standard in order to take advantage of this "same skill" feature and save time.

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