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Tagging and re-tagging existing quizzes
Tagging and re-tagging existing quizzes

How to tag existing content to your curriculum

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Our library of content is vast and teachers all over the world contribute to these resources. Much of that content was created before we added the ability to tag to a curriculum so there are thousands of great quizzes that are currently untagged. Alternatively you might encounter quizzes that ARE tagged but not to your curriculum.

This article specifically addresses each scenario and how to repurpose existing content to be useful for your classroom.

Finding Relevant Content

In the "Find Resources" tab you are brought to our marketplace of public resources.

You can search for untagged content using keywords in the search bar. For example if you are looking for content related to the Water Cycle, simply search for "Water" or "Water Cycle" and browse the results.

Alternatively, you can browse content that is tagged, but to a different curriculum. When you filter your own curriculum and it does not turn up results, we offer suggestions based on your search. You can also directly use the filters to search for "Common Core" or "Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills" and drill down to topics and skills that closely match what you are looking for.

To preview a quiz, click on "See questions".

Tagging and Re-Tagging Content

Once you find a quiz you wish to use in your classroom,  you will be able to "Edit a Copy" which will preserve the original quiz but create a copy for you to edit questions, add/remove questions, and tag questions to your curriculum.

Right at the top of the Quiz Editor you will see the title of the quiz and the button to tag your quiz to a curriculum course. This refers to curriculum, subject, and grade (e.g. Missouri, Science, Grade 5).

Be sure to rename your quiz to reflect the changes you've made and make it easier for other teachers to discover that content. Notice the "x" at the far right. If a quiz is already tagged you can simply remove the curriculum tags for the entire quiz by clicking the "x".

Once the entire quiz is tagged to the curriculum course, each question has a search bar for finding the appropriate skill to tag to a question. Don't worry if you don't know all the skill codes, you can type in keywords that will narrow down the choices.

Once you choose a skill for your first question, go through the other questions that might also be tagged to that skill before tagging questions to a different skill. This is because we "remember" which skill you just tagged to make it easier to tag other questions to the same skill.

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