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Leaderboard Game View

Learn about our new game to add more competition to your classroom

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How it Works

After you assign a quiz and you land on the data dashboard, you have an option to open up the live game view for the Leaderboard.

As students take the quiz, their performance is ranked live on the screen. Project in front of the classroom and watch as students become more engaged and play with a competitive edge. 

A few things to note:

  • Based on teacher feedback, we decided that the ranking would be based on accuracy as opposed to speed. There is no bonus for answering a question more quickly so it is best to tell your students to answer carefully and take their time.

  • You can set the Leaderboard to show everyone, or only the top 5. It depends on your class, but it may be wise not to show the bottom performers by limiting the view. But you can toggle on a full view if you wish.

  • If students have multiple attempts, you can toggle between attempts. This would be very useful if you assign a pre-assessment, follow up with a lesson, and allow students to try the assessment again to go for the win!

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