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Differentiation with Quizalize
Differentiation with Quizalize

Differentiate instruction for your students by assigning them appropriate activities based on their quiz scores

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One of Quizalize's unique features is that it enables teachers to easily differentiate instruction for students based on their quiz results. What this means is that learners of different abilities in the same class can be supported by having their learning personalized to their individual needs

Check out this video tutorial, or follow the steps below to find out how to differentiate with Quizalize!

Here's how to do it: 

After creating or editing a quiz for your students, click on 'Assign activity'. You will be taken to the following page to assign follow-up activities:

Based on your student's score on a quiz, you can assign them a targeted resource or activity to plug learning gaps, reinforce certain concepts, or, if they're already close to mastering a topic, stretch their learning with challenging resources! 

You can even have your students retake the quiz after they've completed their follow-up activity, to check if they've made any improvements. By default, this option is enabled ('followed by the same quiz again') . If you don't want your students to retake the quiz after completing their follow-up activity, simply uncheck the purple box.

You can upload a YouTube video, a PDF, a weblink, or a different Quizalize quiz as a follow-up resource. There are two ways to do this:

Choose your own resource

Click on 'Choose your own Resource' on the follow-up activities page. This will take you to 'My library'.

Here, you can either upload a brand new resource by clicking on an option on the left (see image above), or browse through your library of resources to use a resource you've previously uploaded.

Let's try to upload a YouTube video for students who have scored below 50%. Once you've found the video you want to assign as a follow-up resource, click on 'Upload Youtube video'. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the box shown. Click 'Confirm', and then 'Give to class'. It's as simple as that!

The YouTube video will now be saved to 'My library', so you can easily assign it again in the future.

The process for assigning a PDF or web link is much the same. Repeat the above steps for students who have scored 50-80%, and students who scored above 80%. 

Once you're done, your follow-up activity page will look like this. Click on 'I'm done', and that's it!

Use shared resources

You can also choose follow-up activities that have been uploaded and used by other teachers on Quizalize. To do this, click on the individual icons to filter by resource type. You can also click on the link 'X resources used by other teachers found' at the bottom of each section.

This will bring you to the Resources page, with the following section for you to choose resources from:

Click on the icon at the top right hand corner of the resource you want to assign, and then 'Assign as follow-up'.

If no teachers have assigned follow-up resources for a similar quiz before, the resource page will be filtered by resource type (e.g. YouTube videos, PDFs, web links) instead. You can then use the search bar to find a relevant resource.

Remember to check or uncheck the box next to 'followed by the same quiz again', depending on your preference.

Play and differentiate!

Your activity dashboard will now show the follow-up resources assigned for students.

Now you can sit back, and let Quizalize do the heavy lifting! You can see students' live progress on the quiz, and once they're done, they will be automatically assigned the relevant follow-up activities you've selected for them. Then, check the scores of their second attempt of the quiz and see what improvements they've made.

Any questions? Click the chat button below and we'd be happy to help! 

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