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Whether you are new to Quizalize or a seasoned Quizalizer, these tutorials have something for you.

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Quizalize is unique for two reasons:

1. Teachers can set up automatic differentiated activities tied to formative assessment

2. Our short term and long term data collection gives teachers enhanced abilities to improve student outcomes and adjust lesson planning on the fly

These tutorials are designed to help you get the most out of Quizalize as quickly as possible.

Quizalize Quick Start

Start here if you are new to Quizalize. This video helps you navigate the website, create classes, find and create quizzes, and assign them to your students.

Google Classroom Sync

An addendum to the Quizalize Quick Start, this tutorial walks you through syncing classes to your Google Classroom account.

Differentiation and Improvements

Start differentiating now! This feature is completely unique to Quizalize, so take advantage!

You can import any activity in the form of a .pdf, YouTube video, or web link, so that students are automatically given a follow up activity appropriate for them based on their quiz scores.

Finding and Creating Curriculum Tagged Content

You can track student mastery in individual quizzes, and over a long period of assessments with mastery dashboards. The first step to taking advantage of that type of data is explained in this tutorial.

Analyzing Formative Assessment - Part 1

Since data analysis is such a large part of formative assessment, we've broken the topic down into two videos. Here is the first of our two-part data analysis tutorial.

How Effective was my Lesson?

When surveyed, a majority of teachers said that they mostly use formative assessment to review student understanding after a lesson. This is great! But we do hope teachers also use formative assessment for pre-assessment and self-assessment as well.

This tutorial discusses how to use Quizalize to analyze improvements data and determine if your lessons and resources are effectively improving student outcomes.

Analyzing Formative Assessment - Part 2

A deeper dive into how you can get the most out of formative assessment data. Here is the sequel to Part 1.

Analyzing Mastery Data to Inform Real Time Decisions

As you collect formative assessment data tagged to your curriculum, we aggregate that data for you in mastery dashboards. What can you do with that data? Watch and find out!

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