Update: Quizlet has removed the option to export images from their sets. 

To include images in your Quizalize quiz that was imported from Quizlet, you will first need to import the Quizlet set without images, and then add images to each question individually. 

Unfortunately, this came down to Quizlet's decision to restrict exporting abilities. We will continue to work to ensure certain features work as smoothly as possible, but cannot always anticipate changes in compatibility with other platforms.

Note #1: The import function may not work with outdated browsers.

Note #2: Your Quizlet import will overwrite all questions already created in your quiz. If you wish to add your own questions, do so AFTER the import, and not before.

Note #3: Make sure the definitions in your set are on a single line (e.g. do not press enter/return). Multiple lines do not export well from Quizlet.

The following video provides a short cut to creating multiple choice questions in addition to instructions on importing from Quizlet:

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Log into Quizlet and open the set you wish to import.
  • Hover over More (three dots) and click on "Export". 
  • Click "Copy Text".
  • Note: The Quizlet "terms" will import as the answers while the "definitions" will import as the questions
  • In the Quizalize quiz editor, click on "Import from Quizlet". Don't forget that the import will overwrite existing questions, so it is important to import first before manually adding additional questions.
  • Paste the copied Quizlet into the box.
  • Click on the “Submit" button, and then "Yes" to confirm.
  • And you're all done!
  • You can now edit the quiz to your liking. (Top tip: We recommend tagging your questions to curriculum skills, so that you can accurately track student mastery!)

Any questions? Click the chat button below and we'd be happy to help! 

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