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How to import your questions using Excel spreadsheet templates

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This article will assist you in quickly creating questions in an Excel spreadsheet and importing them into a quiz all at once. Feel free to read on or watch the above video.

You will need to use this template for importing questions:

This template is a READ ONLY Google Sheet (in case you do not have Microsoft Office). You will need to make your own copy to be able to use the template.

When your questions are finished and you are ready to import. You will need to download the file as Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

Click the Import from spreadsheet and choose the file you created and you are done!

We support 4 question types:

  • Standard Multiple Choice (You write in the correct choice and manually write in incorrect choices yourself)

  • Randomized Multiple Choice (You write in the correct choice while incorrect choices are randomly generated from other questions)

  • Scrambled Answer (A single correct answer with scrambled letters)

  • Free Text Answer (Students must type in the answer)

Standard Multiple Choice

You simply need to add the questions and your answer choices.  The template is shown below:

Randomized Multiple Choice 

If you leave the incorrect choices blank, our system will automatically populate them with answer choices from other questions. You can do a combination of writing your own incorrect answers and having them generated for you.

Scrambled Answer

The template is shown below:

The scramble:// function will scramble the letters of the answer. The student will need to click the letters in the correct order to spell the answer to the question. You can copy and paste the code to create an entire quiz of scrambled answer questions. 

In the above example, the code scramble://acute is used in the import.

Note: A student can "unclick" a letter and bring it back to the scramble if they make a mistake.

Free Text Answer

The template is shown below:

By using the function freetext://, you give students questions that require strings of answers typed out. The answer is not case-sensitive but it must be an exact match so please instruct your students to be careful, or it will be marked wrong.

In the above example, the code freetext://1776 is used in the import.

The functions provided in these templates work whether you write them into our quiz editor directly or into an Excel spreadsheet to be imported. Your import can have combinations of all questions types.  

Any questions? Click the chat button below and we'd be happy to help! 

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