Quizalize supports many different types of questions including questions with multiple choice answers, scrambled letters, and true or false options. Read on to learn how to create the basic question types and what they look like when played in Quizalize.

Simple Multiple Choice Questions

Creating a simple multiple-choice quiz question involves typing your question into the 'Question' field then inserting the correct answer in the 'Correct Answer' field and incorrect answers in the 'Incorrect Answer' fields (maximum of 3 incorrect answers).

When editing the quiz it looks like this:

When presented in Quizalize the question appears like this:

See how it works:

Questions with Multiple Correct Answers

You can create a quiz question with multiple correct answers by typing multiplem:// within the 'Correct Answer' field, followed by your correct answers, separated with a colon (:).

For example ‚Äčmultiplem://Ostrich:Penguin:Emu
Students answering this question would be able to select either 'Penguin' or 'Ostrich' to successfully answer the question.

See how it works:

Questions with Multiple Weighted Answers

Weighted question types allow you to set a score for each question which is double the value you state for each of the 5 possible responses: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree.

Type multiplem:// into the 'Correct Answer' field followed by the weighted responses in this format: Strongly Disagree|value: Disagree|value: Neutral|value: Agree|value: Strongly Agree|value (see example above).

See how it works:

Multiple Choice Questions with Images

To incorporate images into your quiz, enable 'Use Images' mode on the left and upload the image from your computer or using a URL.

To remove the image and replace it with another one, simply click the trash can icon on the top right of the photo on the Quiz Editor.

This is how the images will appear on the quiz:

By uploading images through URL, right-click the image you found on the web, select Copy image address, and paste it in the desired field.

See how it works:

Scrambled Answers

Scrambled letter questions help students build vocabulary and practice spelling. To create one, insert scrambled:// followed by the correct answer into the 'Correct Answer' field:

This is how the question will appear to students:

See how it works:

Jumbled Answers

This feature allows students to order numbers or words. Type jumble:// into the 'Correct Answer' field followed by your sequence of numbers or words in the correct order, separated by commas (,).

For example jumble://What, time, does, the, train, leave,?
This is how the question will appear to students:

See how it works:

True/False Questions

To create True/False questions simply place boolean://true or boolean://false in the correct answer field.

This is how the question will appear to students:

See how it works:

This article presents the basic question types but Quizalize offers even more exciting question and answer options, including sorting activities, video questions, and free text answers. Click here to find out more!

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