Zzish is a powerful tool for accessing student data in real-time while they are playing a Quizalize quiz in the classroom. Zzish stores your class results in one place which helps you to easily follow your students' progress and analyze critical learning gaps.

If you've created a Quizalize account, you will also get a Zzish account as both sites are connected. The login details are therefore the same for both sites!

In your Zzish account you can manage your classes and quizzes, assign activities to your classes, access results from previous quizzes and edit your student's information.

Navigating the Zzish Homepage

Organizing Your Different Classes

Select your class from the tab in the left corner to switch between classes, check out the demo class, add a new class or edit your existing classes and students. 

"Edit Your Classes and Students"  enables you to move students between classes, lock/unlock a class, change the name of different classes, add or remove students and archive or delete a whole class. 

Students will appear in your class list as they join the class. Students can create accounts themselves or you can create individual accounts for them which include an email and password. See Managing Your Classes and Students for more information.

Note: The 'Lock' class feature is useful if you want to stop other students from joining that class. However, this feature is only available for classes with passwords. 

Activities and Results

Activity list allows you to view the quizzes you have submitted, edit or delete them and instantly start or stop class quizzes. You can also launch game mode and initiate the class quiz activity.

Explore the students' results in the Grade Book and Mastery Dashboard. Click these links to discover how the data is collected.

"Add Activity" links to the Marketplace and Quizalize where you can create an activity for your class (see below).

 Select the three dots icon to edit your profile and classes, access your Quizalize account, explore student mode, access our help pages or log out.edit your classes or log out (see below).

Check out how to access the real-time data for your class in the Zzish Dashboards

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