Teacher's Premium Plan unlocks advanced settings and enables you to:

• Create unlimited classes;

• Store unlimited data of your classes in Zzish;

• Export your activity results and grade book in Excel format.

As a free user, you can create up to 3 classes, and you have a data limit on your Zzish activities, meaning you can only see your five most recent class results.

Teacher's Premium Plan allows you to keep all data results in one place regardless of how many quizzes you have taken with your classes. You can also create as many classes as you want and retain all the data for the future.

A premium account will help you to keep track of your student's progress over time. Collate data that will benefit long-term teaching and learning experiences for your students.

From your Zzish profile, click on the Upgrade to premium button, select a plan, and enter your card details.

You are now directed to the page where you can select which premium plan would suit your needs: https://app.quizalize.com/premium

Still, wondering if it's worth upgrading? Drop us a message in the live chat today, and let's discuss further benefits!

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