How students access a quiz

Accessing quizzes as a student

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It's easy for your students to log into Quizalize and play the quizzes you have assigned. Email logins are not required for the standard type of class.
Provide the class code of your quiz to your students and instruct them to:

  1. Go to the student portal or click the Students enter code button from our website homepage.

  2. Enter the class code (e.g., abc1234).
    Find out where your class code is.

  3. Type in or select their name (for standard type of class) or enter an email and password if required.

Student access by class code

Students must go to the student website and type in their class code.
The class code consists of a combination of characters, e.g., abc1234, automatically generated when you create a class and cannot be changed.

  1. Enter the class code

3. Type in or select their name

If students join the class for the first time, they must type in their names.

If students rejoin a class, they can select their names from the class list.

  • Pick your name from the list.

  • Name not found on the list? Don't worry! Add yourself.

Students will then see their list of activities or assignments they are due to play and view results from quizzes they have already taken.
For students, please click the Launch button on activities to begin answering:

Student access by magic class link

With the magic link, students will no longer need to enter the class code and will only have to either register or pick their name on the class list.

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