Note: Have you set up your class to use Google Classroom logins? If so, check out this article instead: How do students access a quiz using Google Classroom?


It's really easy for your students to log into Quizalize and Zzish and play quizzes you have assigned them.  They don't need any emails or passwords. 

Simply tell your students to:

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter their Zzish class code (e.g. abc1234)
  3. Type in or select their name

Students will then see their list of assigned quizzes in the Zzish student portal. They can then click 'Start' on new quizzes or 'View results' on old quizzes.

Detailed Process

To access a class quiz students simply go to and type in their class code, e.g. abc1234. The class code consists of seven digits and is displayed when you create a class and also on the the team game view when you launch a quiz in class.

1. Go to

2. Enter the class code  

The Zzish class code consists of seven digits, e.g. abc1234. It is shown when you create a class and also on the team game view when you launch a game in class. 

3. Type in or select their name

If students join the class for the first time then they will need to type in their names.
If students are rejoining a class then they simply select their name from the class list.

The class code is randomly generated and cannot be changed. However, it will always remain the same for the same class no matter what quiz your class is assigned in the future. 

Student Portal and Assignments

After logging into the student portal with Google Classroom, students can find all assignments they are due to play and view results from quizzes they have already taken. 

To launch a quiz, students click 'Start' and begin answering the questions. 

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