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How to use Quizalize: The basics
Managing your library and quizzes
Managing your library and quizzes

Tips for managing your library, sharing or printing quizzes, and even making them private.

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Discover options to customize quizzes from your library and the Resources page.

Student preview

To view the list of your quizzes, please select My Library.

Hit the quiz's three dots button to display more options, and select the Student preview to see what it looks like:

Or, click the quiz itself and select the Play as a student button:

It is also the same as the quizzes from the Resources page.

Share your quiz

You can share a quiz from the resources page by selecting its 'Share' option:

Or from your library as long as it was publicly published.

With this feature, you can have three options on where to share them:

1. Link - this option will automatically copy the URL of your quiz and directly send it to your colleagues who would like to preview and duplicate a copy of it.

2. Facebook - post it to your social media account so anyone can click on it.

3. Twitter


This option allows you to assign the activity in your class.


This option will direct you to the quiz editor to modify the content of your quiz.


This option will make another similar copy of your original quiz.


Careful! This option will remove your quiz forever, and it's unretrievable.

Make Private

This option will only keep your quiz visible to you and won't appear on the Resources page results, or anywhere you have shared the link.

Print a quiz

This option will allow you to print your quizzes.

However, it will only work on a multiple-choice one as it won't apply to a combination with other variations unless you edit the quiz and make them all multiple-choice.

Click the chat button below if you have more questions. We'd be happy to help!

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