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Formulas and complex mathematical equations are just a click away!

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We are glad to introduce to you our latest feature, the NEW Math Rich Editor!
We listen to your needs and aim to deliver features to enhance efficiency and convenience for teachers, specifically in your Math and Science courses.
Check out how it works, and let us know your thoughts!

The pop-up tool appears as soon as you click from any of the text fields except for the Subtopic:

Subscript and superscript are available and ready for use.

Type the base first, then select from either the subscript or superscript function. Greyed selection meant that function is enabled, click again to disable.

You can also change the font styles of your quiz for typographical emphasis, accent marks, emoticons, and more.

The video clip below shows possibilities possible with the new toolbar.

NOTE: In the current version of the Quiz Player, all of the optional responses are displayed in bold. You can set the text for individual responses bold using the toolbar, but when it displays in the Quiz Player, all of the responses will be bold.

To create complex formulas, click the ƒ(x) to launch the Equation Editor.
Here you can select characters common to mathematics, chemistry, and physics in addition to a subset of Greek characters for building expressions and equations.

Turn on the 'Expert mode' option to manually add symbols that aren't available in the ready selection. Use Latex syntax to create your specific purpose and the editor will show a preview of what you've typed directly below the input field.

Check out this link for more examples. Below its article is a cheat sheet for more complex mathematical symbols and operators.

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