Use these resources to guide your colleagues and encourage them to join Quizalize and Zzish. 

Note: We separate training resources meant for programs that are beginning a trial period of Zzish Premium for their organization. The differences are slight but it is still important you use the appropriate resource. If you are interested in putting your organization on a trial, Book a Demo with one of our Schools Engagement Executives and they will help.

Tips for Scheduling and Preparing

  • Share with teachers the training resources ahead of time such as your powerpoint presentation and links to training videos and pages (see below)

  • Prepare a personal quiz ahead of time for the teachers to take in the beginning of the session. (More advanced suggestions on this later!)

  • Group educators in teams that teach common classes (e.g. same grade team, subject, etc.). We recommend a collaborative approach to the training and teachers will learn how to share resources with each other in the training.

  • If you teach your own classes and have been using Quizalize, incorporate student data you've collected into the presentation.

  • Supply snacks! As we all know, teacher time is incredibly valuable so refreshments are always appreciated.

Become an Expert and Share Digital Resources

This link will bring you to our training page for teachers. 

6 Stage Training Curriculum

You may wish to look through it first and make sure you fully understand all the things you can do with Quizalize. It may give you some inspiration for your own classroom, and of course it will also allow you to most effectively help out your colleagues.

But if your organization has agreed to a trial of a school or district subscription, then this similar, but more appropriate resource, may be more helpful.

Zzish Trial Homepage

If you are intrigued about starting a trial at your organization and giving premium access to all participating teachers, then please Book a Demo so one of our Schools Engagement Executives can help set this up.

Introductory Training Videos

Good pedagogy dictates a primer to help students understand what they are about to learn. The same can be said about any training program. So before running a session, here's a silly and engaging video we created to garner some excitement among teachers but to also give them some insight into what's possible with Quizalize. Send it to them ahead of time or show it in the beginning of your session (or both!) 

Or again, the following video is more appropriate for a trialing organization. Book a Demo to set one up for your organization.

Workshop Presentations

These presentation will help you introduce and explain all the main features of Quizalize and Zzish. Each slide has relevant talking points. 

You cannot edit the original version so if you wish to make changes you will either have to download it as a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation or Make a Copy to Google Slides. Instructions provided in the first slide of the presentation.

Quizalize Workshop Slides

And again a separate presentation might be more useful for those running a trial.

Zzish Trial Workshop Slides

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