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Introducing our new and improved classic quiz editor with different question types.

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Our engineers are responding to the wants and needs of our users in so many ways. One of the ways in which we are improving our program is by launching our brand new and improved Classic quiz editor. We still have further improvements coming in the future, but here's a look at how to get started.

Multiple choice

The first and default Quizalize question type is Multiple choice. Creating a simple multiple-choice quiz question involves typing your question into the 'Question' field and then inserting the correct answer in the 'Correct answer' field and incorrect answers in the 'Incorrect answers' fields (maximum of 5 incorrect answers).

See below the Weighted question type for multiple-choice questions with multiple correct answers.

When editing the quiz, it looks like this:

When presented in Quizalize, the question appears like this:

Our newest "Fix answer order" feature allows your students to see the answers in the order you specify when activated. Otherwise, the answer choices will appear random:

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:

Multiple-choice Questions with Images

To incorporate images into your quiz, use the photo icon in the sample screenshot below to add visuals to your question or answer fields.

You can either upload an image from your device or through a URL address.
By uploading images through the URL, right-click the image you found on the web, select Copy image address, and paste it into the correct field.

To remove and replace the image with another, click the trash can icon on the top right of the photo on the Quiz Editor.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:

Multiple-choice questions with audio

Quizalize also allows you to incorporate audio files into your questions seamlessly, upload either from your hard drive or cloud storage, or record directly into Quizalize. The Quiz Editor can handle audio files associated with the question but not with any answers. You may consider the 'Read aloud' tool for additional audio settings.

To attach an audio file to a question, click the audio icon directly to the right of the 'Question' field to open the audio options.

Upload an audio file (.mp3) from your hard drive or cloud storage or click 'Start recording' to record audio into Quizalize directly. The recording begins immediately when you click the button. Click 'Stop recording' to preview your audio.

If you are satisfied with your recording, click 'Confirm' to save it to your quiz question. Otherwise, click the trash can icon to delete that audio file, allowing you to record another file.

The Quiz Editor inserts that audio file into the question, allowing you to play it from within the editor to preview the audio.

Students can listen to the audio file before answering the question. A single audio file can be associated with a question. In the Quiz Player, students can play, rewind, and restart the audio file as often as they want before answering the question.

See how it works:

Type an answer

This questioning style removes the multiple-choice option and allows students to type in their answers independently. The student's answer must correspond exactly with the answer you type in the 'Correct Answer' field. The Quiz Player looks for a match in spelling, punctuation, and accents/diacritical marks but ignores capitalization and spacing between multiple words.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

To accept multiple responses as correct, add additional answers with the 'Add an answer' button directly below the 'Correct answer' field. In this example, students can type either one of the three accepted answers to answer the question correctly.

See how it works:

Scrambled letters

Scrambled letter questions help students build vocabulary and practice spelling. The Quiz Player scrambles the individual letters of the word you enter into the 'Correct answer' field, and students select individual letters one at a time to place them correctly.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:

True or false

To create True/false questions, select the correct answer from the two options.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:


The Quizalize team has improved the grouping categories question type to improve stability and usability across browsers and devices. The new look supports all existing questions, but some questions display differently.

In the 'Group' section, put the main category of your topic and its choices or items under it.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

If you make a mistake, select the option from the box to move it back to the list below.

See how it works:

Categories questions with images as answers

Here's how it works:

  1. Upload the image in the question field, not in the answer fields

  2. Once uploaded successfully, right-click the image and select "Copy image address."

  3. Then, paste it in the answer field remove: and replace it with # in its place.

Continue to follow the sorting question type's proper format.

Best Practices

The sorting question type is a “hack” question, meaning it falls outside the core Quizalize product. We try to support our diverse user base but cannot always adapt to all the advanced ways our users think to use the product. Here are recommendations to get the best result from this type of question.

The number of categories.

The quiz player displays the categories in a single row. Using more than two categories may cause them to overflow the bounds of the quiz player.

Character limits.

The quiz editor will allow you to use as many characters as you like, and this list highlights some ways the quiz player displays text for learners.


Words to denote the categories do not break, so words over 16 characters may overflow the bounds of the category box. Categories with over 70 characters may expand the category area, which may require your learners to scrolling more to see the options and place them in categories. Using more than 2 categories will exacerbate the difference in the layout of the questions.


Words within options do break, so words over 12 characters may appear on two lines within the option card. The option card will not adjust to the text inside. The card will obscure any option text beyond the 6th line, which usually affects options longer than 60 characters.


Linking questions allows students to match answers from two columns by connecting them with a single line.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:

Linking question type with images as answers

The format for adding images should always be the same:

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:


Students select one option from the list on the left and then a number from the list on the right to assign the options in the correct order.

When presented in quiz player, the question appears like this:

See how it works:

Ordering with images as answers

See how it works:

Jumbled words

Students select individual elements one at a time to place them in the correct order provided in the 'Correct answer' field. You can separate words, phrases, or numbers with, (commas). Please remember that if commas are included in your text, those commas will break the phrase into additional options.

This is how the question will appear to students:

See how it works:

Weighted Questions with Multiple Correct Answers

You can create a multiple-choice quiz question with multiple correct answers by selecting the Weighted question type from the menu at the top of the question editor. You can provide up to six answers. A zero (0) value will serve as an incorrect choice.

Students answering this question could select either 'Penguin,' 'Ostrich,' or 'Emu' to successfully answer the question.

See how it works:

Bonus: Video Questions

Video questions allow you to incorporate a video clip into your question, and you can edit the clip's duration as you require.

Use videoq: code followed by the link to your video in the 'Question' field.

Note: Quizalize only needs the final part of the link e.g. only the bold section of this link would be included:

After the link, insert a colon (:) followed by the length of time you want the clip to play start time : duration (all in seconds), and then two hash symbols (//) followed by your question.

For example: ​videoq:Q_Um3787fSY: 11:87 // What is the poem's title?

See how it works:

Want to add a passage? Click this article for more information.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions. We'd be happy to help!😊
Published 8 Dec 2021

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