Three 6th grade science teachers from Chisholm Trail Middle School, Texas, have witnessed an incredible six-month transformation in student performance as a result of using Quizalize and Zzish.

By using Quizalize as a pre-assessment tool and Zzish as a virtual teaching assistant, students this year scored, on average, 8 -10% more in their assessments compared to results last year when no apps were used. What’s even more exciting is that aside from improved mastery of subjects, students exhibited more confidence when completing assessments and displayed a greater willingness to learn. With an increase in student engagement and reduction in tedious marking admin, the teachers have said that Zzish has brought the fun back into teaching and is an indispensable aid for exam preparation and subject mastery. 

“Edtech apps like Quizalize have brought new life back into my teaching career,”
-Carolina Carner, Chisholm Trail Middle School

Quizalize and power of Zzish Dashboards

    Quizalize, powered by Zzish teacher dashboards, is a formative assessment tool that transforms regular tests into a fun classroom team games. Teachers can create their own formative assessments quickly and easily using the quiz creator in Quizalize, or they may search the Quizalize marketplace and use or edit one of the 40,000 quizzes created by other teachers within the community. Check out Carolina’s Science quizzes here.

While students undertake these formative assessments via Quizalize, the Zzish teacher dashboard tracks students’ progress in real time and organises the students into three groups based on their % test scores: those who have achieved mastery by scoring 80% or more; those who are ‘almost there’ scoring 50% or more; and those that ‘need help’.  Teachers can instantly see this information whilst the students play via the ‘Who Needs Help?’ screen, enabling them to instantly start giving personal attention to students who need greater support.

Combined with Zzish, Quizalize makes the perfect assessment tool by enabling teachers to track the progress of each individual pupil, while creating a fun and engaging activity for their students.  


Science teacher, Carolina Carner, at Chisholm Trail Middle School started using the Quizalize app and Zzish teacher dashboards to engage her class and get instant insight into student learning gaps back in 2016. She has tried and tested many apps over the years, but found Quizalize was an incredibly powerful teaching and learning tool which she then introduced to her fellow science teachers, Rebecca and Tammy. The teachers have now used Quizalize and Zzish to help prepare some 360 grade 6 children for the regular DCA tests throughout the year and as an indispensable aid for exam preparation and subject mastery. 

·  The “Purpling-out” Methodology:

   Carolina introduced a whole new level of mastery when using Quizalize which requires students to “purple out” (purple is the color used to indicate a correct answer in Zzish) and encourages them to repeat the pre-assessment in Quizalize until they score 100%.  If, after a few attempts, students still do not “purple out”, Carolina will then look at the ‘Who Needs Help?’ screen to see the class level learning gaps and review the individual student reports. 

·   The Power of Gamification:

    Science teacher Rebecca, found that the gamification of assessments, especially the HOOPS team basketball game view on Quizalize, has helped students to read questions properly as students want to get the answer correct, score a basket and beat the computer player. This engagement and memorisation improvement, developed through gamified learning, is then employed by students in their standardized DCA tests.

·   The Gift of Quality Time:

    Zzish has given teachers, such as Carolina, the gift of more quality time with their class. By helping teachers identify individual and class weaknesses in real time and then grouping children according to their success, teachers can utilize their class time more effectively and regain the time spent doing admin at the weekend.

·   Ensuring That All Students Succeed:

    Quizalize and Zzish are having an impact on student achievement across the board. “Every single student that I have has benefited from the Quizalize program. I get to give them that differentiation that they need.” says Carolina. As Tammy reports “I have one student, who when he gets tests back in the past, he expects the absolute worst. And the past few tests have come back and for the first time the student is making progress and he’s excited to go home and tell his family about it.” 

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At Zzish our goal is to democratize access to advanced learning technologies and ensure every child fulfils their learning potential.  We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re thrilled by the impact we’re having already!

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