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We have just launched our exciting new solo games!

  • Sorcerer (ball-matching puzzle shoot game)

  • Blockerzz (our Minecraft-inspired game hitting targets with arrows) - Try it now

  • Hoopzz Solo (basketball shooting fun) - Try it now

These two games are our first quiz games that run on the student's device and allow the student to play independently in class or for homework.

To assign the new solo games to your class:

  1. Select a quiz from your library or resources page and choose to either "Start a class game" or "Give as homework":

  2. You will be directed to its activity settings, so click the Quiz Player box to choose a game:

  3. Go to the "Students play independently" tab, and choose the Play Hoopzz Solo or Play Blockerzz. Then, click "Continue" to assign the quiz with your preferred game to one of your classes:

  4. When you are happy with your selections like the game, class and activity settings, please hit the "Continue" button:

  5. You can also add your follow-up learning resources or skip this option for later:

  6. Once assigned, tell your students to go to and enter their class code or send them the "Magic link" of your activity:

Sorcerer (NEW)


Welcome to the Sorcerer!

The game's objective is to eliminate all the balls coming down the track towards you.

  1. Fire a colored ball into a group of at least two identical colored balls to destroy them, or it will get stuck in the spiral.

  2. You can make color combos or segments to start a chain reaction, but clear them before they reach the finish line.

  3. To get ammunition, you must get questions right.

Answer the questions fast enough (or pause the game to answer if you want) and obliterate all balls to win the game.

Blockerzz (Trailer)

Play Blockerzz (Step-by-step)

Or you can try Blockerzz with our recommended quizzes; check it out below:

Play Hoopzz Solo (Step-by-step)

After the students have played, please let us know what they think.

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