'Who Needs Help' Dashboard

Discover which students need extra support instantly

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The Who Needs Help dashboard will show which specific students would need extra assistance from the rest of the class. It will group students into the following categories: Strong (white), Almost There (yellow-orange), Needs Help (red-orange), or No data (purple).

1. Click the Analyze results button of the quiz you'd like to check.

2. You are now directed to the activity's dashboard, go to the Who needs help, and click the Show me button.

3. The Who needs help page displays the student's grouping according to their scores. Students in purple have signed in, started the quiz but have not answered it.

You can access data for individual students by clicking on their names and opening their Individual Student Report.

Note: The Who Needs Help page can be accessed while students are playing the quiz or after they have finished it.

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