The key advantage of the 'Who Needs Help' dashboard is the ability to check your students have completed their assignments and their success. Various icons may appear next to your students:

✔️ - Tick icon means the student has completed the activity;

🕗 - Clock icon suggests the student is inside the quiz but has been inactive for 2-10 minutes;

❕- The exclamation icon means the student has been inactive for over 10 minutes.

Note: If there are no icons next to your student's name, they are currently taking a quiz without breaking for more than 2 minutes.

The 'Who Needs Help' page will then group students into the following categories: Strong (white); Almost There (orange); Needs Help (red); or No Data (purple).

Note: Students in purple have signed in, seen the quiz but not started it.

You can access data for individual students by clicking on their name and opening their Individual Student Report.

The 'Who Needs Help' screen can be accessed while students are playing the quiz or after they have finished it.

This page is extremely useful for showing if the whole class has failed to grasp a quiz's subject content, as well as specific students who need extra assistance.

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