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Our mission at Quizalize is to help teachers like you make a difference to all your students. So, today, we are thrilled to introduce our AI-powered Smart Quizzes!

These Smart Quizzes deliver a more personalized and dynamic quiz experience to students, an experience designed to help them quickly master concepts they are struggling with and progress faster and further.

How to use Smart Quizzes?

Note: Our Smart questions and Smart reviews features are only available with new quizzes created using the Smart Quiz Editor.

Now, go to the "Create" tab and select the option "Make a smart quiz with AI help":

Type in your topic, keyword, or phrases you would like to create a quiz within the text area and select a grade:

Click the "plus" button to add the generated question to your quiz, and click the added question on the left side to show its own space:

You have the option to regenerate the prompted hint and explanation or delete them and write down your ow description:

Once ready, please hit the "Preview and Play in Quizalize" button:

You can now assign your AI-generated quiz to your class:

Smart questions

A hint appears every time a student wrongly answers a question, giving them another try:

And the explanation for the failed second try:

Watch how it works on the student's page:

Smart review

After trying the whole quiz without help, student works through each missed question with as much (or as little) guidance as they wish:

Watch how it works on the student's page:

Whichever way you go, these two new Smart features will help you personalize your teaching in the classroom!

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