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To start with, you can assign quizzes from the Resources page or your My Library.

Click the three dots button of the specific quiz and select the Start a class game option. (Note that you can find quizzes you have created and assigned before in your My Library tab.)

Assign quiz

1. Assigning a quiz from the Resources page as a class game or homework:

2. Assigning a quiz from your My Library:

Or, click the quiz and choose options from the "Give this quiz to" on how to present your activity to a class and click the "Ok, next" button:

The action will take you to Activity Settings, allowing you to customize your quiz settings and select classes. Click Advanced options for more setting options:

Once finished, you can assign to multiple classes or the single class you have pre-selected. Find out more about the various Activity Settings here.

Follow-up tasks

You are now on the differentiation page, where you can choose follow-up activities to add to your quiz.

These can be anything from another quiz on our platform, a PDF you upload, a web link, or a YouTube video.

Alternatively, click Skip for now if you do not want to use this function at the moment and go back to it later.

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Last updated: 8 July 2022

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