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How to use Quizalize: The basics
Assigning quizzes and follow-up activities
Assigning quizzes and follow-up activities

Assign a quiz and follow-up activities to your classes.

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***Scroll to the bottom for video tutorials***

You can assign quizzes from the Resources page or My Library anytime.
To start, click the three-dotted box of a quiz and select Start a class game from the dropdown list.

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Assign a quiz

Already have a specific topic in mind? Look it up in our Resources tab:

You can filter your searches by grade, curriculum, and more. You can even select questions from the question bank to tailor your quiz.

1. Here's how to assign a quiz from the Resources tab:

2. Which is also similar to assigning a quiz from your My Library:

Another way is by clicking the quiz.
Go to the Give this quiz to section and select a class to which you want the activity to be assigned and add a team or solo game or simply serve it as a classic quiz:

After you select your preference, you will be taken to its Quiz options, allowing you to customize your activity settings and even re-select classes or games. Click More options for this quiz mode for extra settings:

Once done, click Continue.

Follow-up tasks

You are now on the differentiation page, where you can choose follow-up activities to add to your quiz. These can be anything from another quiz on our platform, a PDF you upload, a web link, or a YouTube video.

Here's how to upload your resources:

Alternatively, click Skip for now if you do not want to use this function.

However, if you want to add your follow-up tasks for an already assigned quiz, go to your activity and click its view button to access its internal dashboard:

Scroll down a bit, and under the Differentiation, click the Choose tasks button:

Like this:

Note: Follow-up tasks also apply to your Smart AI-generated quizzes.

Let us know if you have more questions by hitting the chat button.
We'd be more than happy to help!

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