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How to use Quizalize: The basics
How to share your library of quizzes
How to share your library of quizzes

Share all of your quizzes with a single link

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Updated: 25 November 2020

It's easy to share an individual quiz with other teachers and even students, just copy the quiz URL and send it to them, but it's just as easy to share whole sets of quizzes such as all the quizzes you have created in your "My Library." This list only includes quizzes you have created, not quizzes you have added to your library from the resource hub.

Here's how:

  1. Click on any quiz you have created to view the quiz page

  2. Click on your name at the top left under the quiz title to see your publicly available list of quizzes.

    3. Copy the URL from the browser URL bar and share it

Here's the link to the 100 quizzes created by Rhonda Pawlik:

Sharing subsets of quizzes

Rhonda has created both Grade 5 English quizzes and Grade 5 Science quizzes, so if you want to share just Rhonda's Science quizzes, then select "Science" from the "Subject" drop-down and share the new URL:

You can use the same trick to share just quizzes tagged to a specific grade or quizzes tagged to a specific standard/curriculum using the other dropdown filters. You can even share quizzes tagged to a specific skill by opening the course filters.

You can make the selection more specific by including a search term. If we wanted to share just Rhonda's Science quizzes on "weather," then we would type "weather" into the search box and share the resulting URL:

You could even share all the Grade 5 Science quizzes in Quizalize on "weather" by clearing Rhonda's name from the query and selecting the "Grade 5" filter:

Or perhaps all the YouTube videos in Quizalize on "algebra":

Sharing quizzes with students

You can share a set of quizzes this way with other teachers and students. When you share quizzes in this way with students, they will be able to play in practice mode at any time, but you won't see any data in your dashboards on how they have performed, and you can't assign differentiated follow-up resources. This is very useful if you have students self-studying at home and you want to give them the freedom to take quizzes when they wish to review.

If you want to collect data on your students and/or assign differentiated follow-up resources, then you need to assign specific quizzes to your class. 

Important things to keep in mind

  1. When you share your "My Library" in this way, you are only sharing the quizzes you have personally created.

  2. Quizzes you have added or copied to your library from the resource hub won't be shared.

  3. Quizzes that you have made private won't be shared.

  4. Quizzes with less than three questions won't be shared.

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