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Teachers can freely choose which game to play in class.

An activity's data dashboard (shown in the image below) appears as soon as you assign the quiz, where you can select different modes of games and provide your students its class code or Magic class link.

Alternatively, you can launch games from any of your classes by clicking the View activity or Analyze results button of an activity to be directed to its dashboard.

Note: Points are calculated individually based on the scoring system that measures the time taken and accuracy.

Introducing our new game options this year, 2022!


Journey to Medieval fantasy land and prepare for the most epic battles where only the bravest warriors will triumph!

In Battlerzz, the team with the most “crystals” at the end of the game wins the game.
If two teams tie with the same number of crystals at the end of the game, then the team with the most remaining health wins. If this is also equal, then there is a tie.

The Adventures of Kleo the Koala

Watch the 30 seconds video on how to turn your quiz into a Kleo the Koala game.

The Cosmos is under the rule of the evil Under Creatures.
Five brave creatures, led by Captain Kleo the Koala, band together to find The Keys of Light and return light to the Cosmos once more.

The game is a race to the top of the tree; the team whose character reaches the top first wins the game.


Who loves throwing tomatoes at bears?!
Get answers right and earn tomatoes to throw at your losing opponent.
Get answers wrong? Prepare to be tomato-ed!

The bear hurls a tomato whenever a team gets five answers correct.

The team who throws the most tomatoes wins.


The classic Quizalize game Hoopzz is back but better!
The ultimate basketball game has had an upgrade; now, you can choose from more teams & decide once and for all who is the best at Hoopzz.

The team that scores the most “baskets” by the end of the game wins the game. Two game points are scored per basket.


As students take the quiz, their performance is ranked live on the screen.
Project in front of the classroom and watch as students become more engaged and play with a competitive edge.

The students with the most “points” at the end of the game win the game.

The faster a player answers a specific question, the more points they score for that question.

Check out here for more information.

First to the Flag

A Quizalize classic game where teams race to answer questions as quickly as possible and get to the flag, becoming the true First to Flag champion.

Every answer moves the student closer to the flag in the middle, regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

The team with the most “points” at the end of the game wins the game.

Rockzz (coming soon)

Experience this classic arcade game and ensure your classroom's spaceship will not be lost in the asteroids. A correct answer shoots a rock and gets your class closer to an epic high score. Guaranteed arcade retro fun for your students.

The classroom play as one team.

Whenever a student gets a correct answer, the spaceship shoots a rock.

Additional Game Views

We are working to produce more game views in the future.
If you have feedback or suggestions, please contact us.

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