After you've assigned the activity to your class, you will be taken to the activity's homepage. Your students can access the activity by entering the class code at the bottom of the page on

Choose which game you wish to play

Team vs Team

Once your students access the activity and click 'Start', their names will appear on the screen. 

This is what you will see during the live game: 

Every answer moves the student closer to the flag in the middle, regardless of whether it is right or wrong.

Points are calculated on an individual basis, based on the scoring system that measures time taken and accuracy.


As students take the quiz, the student's performance is ranked live on the screen. Project in front of the classroom and watch as students become more engaged and play with a competitive edge. 

Find out more about how our new Leaderboard game works by clicking here.

Hoops (Coming Back Soon)

Hoops was a favorite of teachers and students alike, but unfortunately we had to discontinue our Team vs. Computer game view temporarily so we could improve its performance in larger classes. 

It will be back soon! 

Additional Game Views

We are working to produce more game views to be included in a premium subscription of Quizalize. If this is of interest to you, please contact us.

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