In you Zzish profile you can easily manage your classes and students. This window allows you to add or delete students and classes, merge classes together, move students between different classes and assign the same student to multiple classes. 

Steps To Create Accounts

If you've decided to make passwords necessary for your class, your students will be asked to create individual accounts using an email and password. You can also create accounts for your students where you simply distribute login details for them. 

Access your Zzish profile, select the class and then click the "Edit Your Classes and Students" option from the drop-down list on the left corner of the page.

Click on the icon to add a student and fill in the details. 

Students will get an email notification saying that they have been invited to join the class in Zzish. However, it will not contain passwords so need to let them know their unique passwords. Discover more about different class types here.

Organizing and Deleting Your Students

You can rename, merge, move and delete any student in your class. You will see these options under each name in the list. Right-click on the three dots. 

Renaming Students
To rename a student, select 'Rename' then type the new name in the pop-up notification box (as shown below).

Moving students to different classes
To move a student to another class, click 'Move to another class' then select the class you wish to move them to. A menu will appear as you begin typing the class name.

Deleting a student
To delete a student and permanently remove their data, select 'Delete' then confirm this request.

Managing Your Classes

You can easily manage your classes using the drop down menu in the right corner of your class dashboard (see below).

In 'Edit your classes' mode, you can use the three dot menu in the top right corner to rename your classes, lock them to prevent others from joining, archive unused classes or delete them.

Renaming your class
To rename your class simply click 'Rename' in the drop down menu then type a new name for your class.

Step 1

Step 2

Locking your classes
To lock a class select 'lock' in the drop down menu and confirm you want to lock that class. Other students will now be unable to join this class.

Step 1

Step 2

A small lock symbol will appear on the left hand side to indicate the class is locked.

Archiving your classes
If you no longer use a class but wish to keep the data you can archive it. Simply select 'archive' in the drop down menu then confirm you want to archive the information.

Step 1

Step 2

This class will now appear with a grey header to show it has been archived.

Deleting your classes
To delete a class, click 'delete' in the drop down menu then confirm this request by typing in the name of the class. This class will now be removed from your account.

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To find out more about your Zzish dashboard click here.

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