On your account homepage, there is an option where you can easily manage and edit your classes. Before we proceed, we will differentiate our type of classes.

Type of Classes

We have four types of classes teachers could create.

1. Standard Class - needs class code only, and students could register themselves.

New students have to type in their names as soon as they enter the class code to register. Existing ones only have to click on their names from the list.

However, you can manually add a student account if you have decided to create one for your students. Go to the Members option of the class:

Here's where to create their details:

Or import a class list from your spreadsheet.

Download our template and follow the format.

2. Zzish class - For teachers creating their student's accounts, you need to distribute to them their email and password they need to use to access this type of class.

Students could also use their (personal or school) accounts.

Fill in the details.

3. Office 365 Class - students need to use their school Microsoft account to access this type of class.

4. Google Classroom - assigned quizzes automatically appear on your student's Google Classroom stream. Check out this link for more information.

Teachers could neither add nor import a student account in Office 365 and Google Classroom type of classes.

Note: Students registering for classes using their email and password won't receive newsletters unless they accidentally signed up for a teacher's account. We will delete them if requested.

Organizing and Deleting Your Students

You can update your student's profiles by renaming, deleting, or moving them to another class. Please click the 'pencil' icon on a student's name to perform the desired actions.


Renaming Students

Please select the Rename student option, and type the new name in the pop-up window (as shown below). Hit 'Save' to update the changes.

This feature is not available in the class that requires an email and password.

Moving students to different classes

To transfer a student, please click Move student to another class and hit the drop-down menu to select from your list. Refresh your page to update the changes. You will notice that all the activities taken by your student from their previous class will also move to the new one.

Deleting a student
To delete a student and permanently remove their data, select Delete student then confirms this request.

Managing Your Classes

You can rename your class or lock them to prevent outsiders from joining, archive unused ones, or delete them entirely.

Hit the Edit your classes to perform these modifications.

Choose a class you wish to manage and hit its Edit button to select desired options.

Renaming your class

Select the Rename Class option, and type the new name in the pop-up window. Hit Change group name to update the changes.

Locking your classes
A locked class will not allow new students to join or access it.

However, you can unlock them anytime.

Archiving your classes
If you no longer use a class but wish to keep its data, you can archive it. Select the Archive option.

On the left corner of your page, you should be able to show and hide your archived classes.

Deleting your classes

You can delete your class if you no longer need its data. Please keep in mind that this process is irreversible.

To find out more about your Zzish dashboard click here.

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