Scores are based on the time a student took to answer a question and if he/she got the answer right or wrong.  

Quizalize Score Formula

  • If the answer is wrong, the score given is 0 points.
  • The minimum score for a correct answer is 10 points.
  • The maximum score possible is 200 points.
  • Time duration is defined when creating the quiz.
  • When the question is displayed, a grace period of 2 seconds is allocated before the score starts to decrease.
  • The score will decrease over time until the minimum score possible is reached. For example, if the question allows the student 60 seconds and it is answered between 60 and 58 seconds, the student is given 200 points. The score then starts to decrease until it reaches 0 seconds. If the answer is given in the final second then the student receives the minimum 10 points.

Note that you can remove the timer when you assign a quiz by changing the quiz settings. In this case students will score 200 points when they answer a question correctly no matter how long it takes! 

Experience Points (XP)

At the end of the quiz, students will get an individual final score plus additional experience points as a bonus. XP do not affect the overall score, and are not displayed in the dashboards. XP will grow depending on the number of activities students complete during a certain period of the time. 


Students will get stars depending on how well they did at the quiz:

  • No stars if they score less than 50%
  • One star if they score 50%
  • Two stars if they score 80%
  • Three stars if they score 100%.

Play again!

The scoring and stars system is designed to encourage students to play again and try and do better.  This has been shown to be a great way to reinforce learning. Some teachers encourage students to retake the quiz until they "purple out" and score 100% and all three stars!

By default students are able to play each quiz again by clicking the "Play again" button, but you can remove this when you assign a quiz by changing the quiz settings if you want to limit the students to one quiz attempt only.

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