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Administrator Role in an Organisation
Administrator Role in an Organisation
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Last Updated: 16 October 2020

As an organisation administrator, you can do the following:

  • Copy invitation link to send to teachers

  • See which teachers have joined the organisation

  • Edit roles and remove teachers

How to access your organisation

You can get to your organisation through your account settings. First click your name in the top right of the Quizalize page.

In your account settings you can see your subscriptions and organisations at the bottom of the panel on the left. If you do not see organisations, contact your account manager.

Clicking on "Organisations" shows you a list of organisations for which you are an administrator.

Click on your organisation to view a list of teachers who have joined your organisation.

How to add teachers to your organisation

We recommend using the invite link in the top right. When you copy that link, you can send it out to anyone you wish to join the organisation. Be aware that you do not have unlimited licenses so please be sure to only share the link with those who should have access. Students do not need to join your organisation in order to join their teachers' Quizalize classes.

When teachers click on the link, they will automatically be prompted to join your organisation. There is a short video explanation of the benefits of a premium license before they log in or accept the invitation. They also have an opportunity to bookmark our Pro Tips videos (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). Please encourage them to bookmark those videos so they can easily go back to them and become more familiar with Quizalize.

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