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How to use Quizalize: The basics
How to create a quiz from scratch
How to create a quiz from scratch

Easily create your own quizzes for your classes

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Teachers can create their own quizzes as soon as they log into their accounts.

Click the ✒️ Create tab to get started, and you will have the following quiz creator options shown in the image below:

For our Smart AI or ChatGPT quiz generator tool, please select either the "Create a quiz in seconds" link or "Make a smart quiz with AI help" button:

This is now our AI page:

Type in your topic in the textbox, and select your preferred language and grade level:

ChatGPT will display generated questions.

Click the "plus" icon to add the question to the quiz you are constructing:

You can keep regenerating your search:

Or, create your own:

You can add personal hints and explanations, use AI to generate them, or turn the options off entirely. Once satisfied, click the "Add to quiz" button:

To view the content of a generated question, simply click on each:

You can edit, correct, or delete a question by clicking the "Remove from quiz" button.
Click "Back to list" to return to the main editor page:

To save your generated quiz to your library, click "Preview and Play":

Your smart quiz is now ready to be used in your class anytime. ​
Here's how to Assign quizzes and follow-up activities:

To incorporate more question variations, align your quiz to a curriculum standard and tag each question to a curriculum skill, and many more, please select the Classic quiz editor:

Give a title to your quiz and click on the Add a new question button to construct your first question:

When you've completed your quiz, click the "Save and give to class" button to assign it to your class right away or the "Save to my library" to give it to your class later.

Pro Tip: If you have a Premium account, you must Tag your Quizzes to your state curriculum whenever possible; otherwise, the student data will not populate your Mastery Dashboards.

Play quizzes you've already made...

In Google Forms:

As soon as you have chosen that option, you will be directed to this page:

Go to your Google Forms, select a quiz you wish to import, and copy its URL link:

Paste the link and click "Import"

Sign in to your Google account or give us access:

Once the import is successful, you can either edit it in our classic quiz editor or hit "Continue" to save it to your library and start assigning it to your class:

Here's your imported Google Forms quiz:

Import Quizlet Set

Add your title and select the question type you want your quiz will be:

Go to your Quizlet account and select a quiz you wish to import:

Click the more option of your set and select "Export":

An export window will prompt. Make no changes and simply click the "Copy text" button:

Go back to our import page, paste the copied set, and hit the "Import" button:

Note: The Quizlet "terms" will be imported as the answers, while the "definitions" will be imported as the questions. However, you can interchange them.

Quizlet import is successful!

Import Spreadsheet

You can download our template first and follow its format:

You can align the quiz to a curriculum or just use the simple template:

Here's a sample template of the spreadsheet if you will tag it:

However, for the simple template, please make sure to follow the format for the questions and answers. For the CORRECT column, please use uppercase letters only:

In the Meta sheet, make sure to add your quiz title and email address:

Once ready, select the import option:

Select a file:

Click on the file you wish to import:

Once the import is successful, you can either import another file again or open the quiz:

Your quiz is ready! Now, assign it to your class so your students can play them right away.

Check out the sample Excel imported quiz: Geo Trivia

Lastly, here's how to upload resources such as PDFs, YouTube videos, and web links that you can use as follow-up tasks or directly assign as activities to your class:

And that's it! You're now ready to use Quizalize in class. 

Feel free to click here if you'd like to edit an existing quiz or find a curriculum-tagged quiz.

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