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How to use Quizalize: The basics
How to create a quiz from scratch
How to create a quiz from scratch

Easily create your own quizzes for your classes

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If you want to Edit an Existing Quiz or Find Curriculum Tagged Quizzes, click on either of these links to find the right article.

You can create a new blank quiz from your homepage page as soon as you log into your account. You can also use our Smart AI or ChatGPT creator quiz.

Select the ✒️ Create tab option:

For ChatGPT or Smart AI, type in your topic in the textbox and select a grade level:

ChatGPT will display generated questions where you can select which to include in your quiz construction:

Click the "plus" icon to add the question to the quiz you are constructing:

Click a selected question to check its content and more:

You can even turn the "Hint" option on and off, edit the question or answer, or altogether remove it if it doesn't fit your topic. Click the "Back to list" button to go back to the main editor page:

You can keep regenerating the list by clicking the search button or save it to your library by clicking the 'Preview and Play" button, and it will be saved to your library:

You can now then assign your smart AI-generated quiz to one of your classes:

To incorporate more question variations, align your quiz to a curriculum standard and tag each question to a curriculum skill, and many more, please select the Classic quiz editor:

Click on the Add a new question button to enter your first question:

Pro Tip: If you have a Premium account, you must Tag your Quizzes to your state curriculum whenever possible; otherwise, the student data will not populate your Mastery Dashboards.

Answer Explanation: If a student answers a question wrong, you can have an explanation appear before moving to the next question.

Subtopic/Skill: The topic or skill the question tests. After the quiz, you will be able to see your students' level of proficiency for the different subtopics you've tagged. For even better data insights, click 'Align quiz to standard or topic' to match your quiz and its questions to your school's specific curriculum.

If your quiz is aligned to a curriculum, a drop-down of curriculum skills will provide options to select for the question.

You can enter custom subtopics if your quiz is not aligned with a curriculum.

Duration: The length of time students have to answer the question. The default setting is 30 seconds, but you can adjust it from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

The timer affects a student's score. However, when you assign the quiz to your class, you can turn off the timer altogether. You can find out more about it here.

Add Image: Upload an image to accompany your question or answers. The maximum file size is 5Mb.

Add Audio: Upload an audio file to accompany your question. The maximum file size is 5Mb.

Read aloud: Toggle this on to give the students an option to have the question and answers read aloud. Learn more here.

You can rearrange the question order by clicking the up and down arrows, duplicating a question, and editing or deleting one.

When you've completed your quiz, click the Save and give to class button to assign it to your class right away or the Save to my library to give it to your class later. 

And that's it! You're now ready to use Quizalize in class. 

Any questions? Click the chat button below, and we'd be happy to help! 

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