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What is Quizalize?

Quizalize is an AI tool for formative assessment that provides a fun and engaging way for teachers to collect real-time data on student progress and easily differentiate learning. It is a platform that implements impactful gamification in the classroom without compromising academic integrity.

To get started, sign-up here.

How does Quizalize handle data privacy?

Zzish Limited, the creator and supplier of the Quizalize platform, takes student and teacher data security and privacy seriously and is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all users' data.

Zzish adopts technologies, safeguards, and practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover from data security risks.

Zzish abides by the US Parents’ Bill of Rights Regarding Data Privacy and Security.

Do you need to send the Quizalize Data Privacy plan to your school? Click here to download.

You can also learn more here.

What ages/grades/years will this work with?

Quizalize can be used by students of all ages, from primary level to college/university.

Which devices does Quizalize work on?

Quizalize works on devices like tablets, smartphones, computers with an internet connection and browser.

Can you use this on a smartboard?

Yes, you can use it on any smartboard.

Do I have to register to create a quiz?

Yes. It enables you to find your quiz again once you have created it and even make a copy of premade ones from our resources.

Registering is very simple. Start here.

How do I make my own quiz?

Click the Create tab and select the Create new quiz button.
Check out our help page here for detailed instructions.

Where can I find the quizzes I’ve made?

All your saved or created quizzes are stored in your My Library.

Click this link for the article page specifically for it.

Do I have to create a quiz to assign it to a class?

You don’t necessarily have to create a new quiz every single time. You can use pre-made ones on the Resources page and even modify its content to suit your needs.

Click here to find out how.

How do I assign quizzes to students or classes?

Once you have completed a quiz, click on the Save and give to class button and assign the quiz to your class. You can set it as an exam, homework, or start a live game.

Give its class code to your students and instruct them to go to this website:

Is there a maximum number of participants on a quiz?

Teachers can add up to 200 students to a class.

As for our live game view, our recommendation is up to 50 students but still, with a maximum of 200.

Can I set an assignment for a specific date?

Yes - you can choose the date and time by selecting the Assign as homework option. Click here to see how to set up homework.

Can I use images in a quiz?

Quizalize supports uploading images. Hit the Add image to question icon next to every question and answer field and select an image file from either your local device or online.

Does Quizalize support Math equations?

It does! Click here to find out how.

What question types does Quizalize support?

Quizalize supports multiple question types and has made it easier! Check out our new and improved Quiz Editor.   

Can I randomize the order of the questions in my quiz?

Yes! This can be modified via game settings. Scroll down and toggle the green button next to the randomize question order option.

How can I add a class?

When you sign up, you will be prompted to create your first class or select Add a new class on the homepage.

How can I preview a quiz?

Once you have your quiz ready, click on the Student preview or Play as a student button:

Can I change the length of time my students have to answer a question?

Yes, you can change the length of time in the quiz editor.

Can I turn the timer off?

Yes, you can turn it off in the activity settings. This option will not affect the scores no matter how long it would take a student to answer a question and still get it correctly.

Is it possible to reorder questions?

You can reorder questions per student's view by turning on the Randomise question order button in the activity settings

Can I have a question to go over multiple lines?

To enter a new line, simply press CTRL and ENTER together. 

Do the students need to log in to play a quiz?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz but simply navigate to and enter their name and class code. 

To protect your student's privacy, however, we encourage them to create individual accounts. Click here to see how you can create accounts for your students.  

Do I need to add students individually to my classes?

Students don’t have to sign up to play a quiz. All they have to do is navigate to and enter their name and class code. Additionally, your students can use the following login options:

  • Regular Zzish login (email and password)

  • Google Classroom login

  • Microsoft or Office 365 login

What is a class code?

A class code is a randomly generated identifier when you first create a class. The same room will have the same class code. Anyone who got your class code could access the room. However, you can lock it for protection.

Where can I find my class codes?

There is a blue bar at the bottom of your page.
When you click on it, it will reveal your class code.

What could be wrong if my students are not showing up on the live game board?

Check your active assignments, especially for duplication, and ensure that all students take the same quiz.

Quizalize Teacher Dashboards

Quizalize Teacher Dashboards are synced to your Quizalize account and provide real-time data on your class learning gaps. During and after each game played in your class, you can instantly see your class results on the dashboards. Click here to learn more. 

Where can I find my class results?

You can access the teacher dashboards for each class by selecting the intended class and the activity you want to analyze.

How can I access individual student reports?

You can access your student's unique results by selecting the class they are in and clicking "Analyze # results" for the specific activity you want to see. Click on any dashboards and the student's name to view the full report. Check out here.

Quizalize Resources

How can I publish my quiz in the resources?

Quizzes are automatically assigned as public to make your resource private.

  • Go to your "My Library" tab underneath your marketplace

  • Click the quiz and its three vertical buttons to see more options

  • Select "Make private"

Find out more here:

Can I edit and save a quiz from the resources?

Yes, you simply select the quiz and start by editing questions. If you make any changes to the quiz, that will automatically save the quiz to your My Library. Go here.

Couldn't find the answer? Check additional FAQs or contact us via our live support channel. 

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